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Count and Noncount Nouns: Technology Edition

In class, these topics often come up. I decided to post it here as well.

  • Hardware = noncount
  • Software = noncount
  • Information = noncount
  • Computer = count
  • File = count
  • App = count
  • Data = plural, but most people use it as a noncount noun. (datum is the singular form, but this use is very uncommon.)

How to Pay and Save

Just a few notes about money today.

The verb is pay. It is regular, so the past is paid and the past participle is also paid. Spelling the past form “payed” is always wrong.

“Deposit” is the verb you use when you put money into your back account. To take the money out, say “withdraw.”

Deposit is regular: deposit/deposited/deposited, but “withdraw” is irregular: withdraw/withdrew/withdra

Feminist and Sexist: Common Confusion

In an exercise, my students learn about a woman who thinks that women are better managers than men. When I ask them, many students will say that this woman has a feminist idea. It’s time to clear up the confusion. The idea that we need for this situation is sexist. A sexist person believes that one sex is always better.  A feminist is a person who believes that men and women are equal.

Please, also be careful with ‘sexist’ (believes one sex is always better) and ‘sexiest’ (the most attractive.)

Collection of Common Errors

Hi everyone,

Here are a few mistakes I heard in class this week.

“I have a doubt” is incorrect. Say “I have a question” instead.

every day – quantifier and noun (repeated action or situation)

  • I go to work every day.

everyday – adjective – “normal, regular, common.”

  • My everyday clothes are quite casual, but I wear formal clothes occasionally.

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