Business English

This is where you will find my Canadian Business English Handbook, as well as supplementary materials to help you and your class.

Over the last few years, I’ve been recording, writing and testing new material. My students want to work, and I want to help them to get and keep their jobs. In this handbook, you’ll find the results of that research. With exercises to improve speaking, reading, vocab, listening, and writing, this handbook will give you the tools you need to succeed.

The full version, which is ideal for self-study and includes answer keys, teacher/lesson notes, videos and more detailed exercises, is coming soon. (This will include all of the Supplemental Packs shown below.)

The light version, with all the essential material, will be coming soon. In this fillable PDF, you will be able to save your answers and notes in the file, making it truly yours. This version doesn’t include answer keys, teacher notes or supplemental packs, and is intended for use in a class setting.

The basic version is available now. It contains similar material to the full and light versions, but it is a read-only PDF. It best to print this one, because you can’t make notes in the file. Download it here.

The Answer Key includes answers to all of the questions found in the light and basic versions. This is included in the full version.

Supplemental Pack One – Resumés includes four example resumes to help you get your creative design started. I’ve included one for each job type – computer science, architect/interior design, graphic design/photographer, and office/clerical – for you to get some ideas. This one is free, so download it here..

Supplemental Pack Two – Cover Letters includes four cover letters, each in a different style. Reading through these will give you details that you can use to make your application stand out from others on the recruiter’s desk.

Supplemental Pack Three – Think Like a Boss includes recorded commentary in which I give my reasons why I did not hire these four people. Learn what the recruiter is thinking when they see your application for the first time!

Power Up your Internship discusses several ways to stand out from other applicants. With information on Canadian certifications, most of which take less than a day to obtain, interns will be able to compete with Canadians on a more level ground. As well, these certifications can be used on your resumé at home too – they are all issued by large organizations, including the Canadian government. It’s free, so download it here.



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