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Common Pronunciation Mix-Ups

Doubt and debit:

The ‘b’ in ‘doubt’ has no sound, just like the ‘b’ in ‘thumb’ or ‘dumb.’ ‘Doubt’ has the same vowel sound as ‘out.’ It’s only one syllable.

The ‘b’ in ‘debit,’ on the other hand, is pronounced. It’s a two-syllable word, and the first syllable is stressed.

‘Pronunciation’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘pronounce’ or ‘bounce.’ The first vowel sound is the same as in ‘one’ ‘fun,’ or ‘done.’

Worried about Presentations?

I used to be shy. Speaking in public was a bit scary, too, so I took a course in acting when I started teaching. My confidence improved, as well as my listening and speaking skills. In my class of 12 people, there were three ESL students!

The instructors are all professional actors, and the class was a lot of fun. If you are ready to upgrade your public speaking, conversation, and listening, check out the Vancouver Theatersports League on Granville Island. The course is called Level 100, and takes two weekends to complete.