Animal Sounds

It’s interesting to hear what sounds animals have in different languages. It can be useful for our English pronunciation as well. Here’s a list of some sounds that Canadian animals make. How do these sounds compare to animal sounds in your language?

  • Cow: Moo!
  • Horse: Neigh!
  • Big Dog: Woof woof! or Bark bark!
  • Small Dog: Yap yap! or Yip yip!
  • Cat: Meow!
  • Baby bird: Peep peep!
  • Rooster: Cock-a-doodle doo!
  • Hen: Buk buk buk!
  • Frog: Ribbit ribbit!
  • Snake: Hiss!
  • Crow: Caw caw!
  • Donkey: Hee haw!

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