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Festival Volunteers Needed

A friend of mine is involved with the Verses Festival, showcasing poems, poets, and poetry, and they need volunteers. They have positions for ticket sales, advertising, and competitions, and you can sign up here. This is a great opportunity to get some work experience in English!


Volunteer Opportunities

Recently, several of my students have asked about volunteering in Vancouver. I’ve covered it here before, but one of my favourite causes has created an easy webpage to sign up with. Go to this link to find out about the Burnaby Velodrome Club and how to get involved!Their races usually need volunteers to help with setting up, beer sales, ticket sales, and athlete assistance. Letters of reference will be provided if you want them.

I have also heard a rumour that there will be an event featuring sword fighting that will need volunteers. Watch my website for details – I’ll post them as I find out what’s going on.

Meeting Canadian Friends

Often, my students have asked me about where they can go to meet Canadians. They mention that trying to meet people at nightclubs, movies, or tourist attractions is rarely successful. There aren’t shops where you can select a friend, so where can people meet?

I’m hardly a social psychologist, but I have heard some advice that I can pass on.
– Look for a sport, group, social hobby or activity that you enjoy and can do in Vancouver. Try skiing, swordfighting, an art group, or a book club, for example.
– Take a class that doesn’t focus on English. How about cooking, painting, dance, or acting?
– Vancouver has people who believe many different things. Perhaps a group where you can discuss philosophy, religions, or spiritualism could be a good place to meet people who share or challenge your existing beliefs.
– Volunteering can also be social. Vancouver has many festivals that need planning, charities that need service, environmental action organizations that need help, or political campaigns that need assistance. (This is especially good. You can add volunteering to your resumé to show that you are familiar with Canadian businesses.) Find an organization that you would like to contribute to and apply with them.

Good luck and have fun!