People from Other Countries

I see a lot of students from around the world. They generally are happy to meet each other, learn about their differences and similarities, and work together in class. However, there often seems to be difficulty with the word “foreigner.”

It might look hard to pronounce, but here’s a secret: the ‘g’ makes no sound. Start by saying these sounds together: for in er. You got it!

Many students will say “other country people” instead of “foreigner.” Not only is the grammar incorrect, it is awkward. Remember that “foreigner” is a noun, and that “foreign” is the adjective.

Before: I met many other country people today.
After: I met many foreigners today.

Before: Are there other country people in your grammar class?
After: Are there foreign people in your grammar class?

“Foreigner” and “foreign” can be used in formal or legal situations.

Now that you can talk about them, it is time to go and meet some people who are from other countries. Good luck!


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